Nelson Ajaere

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Hello, I see you’re in need of a copywritter who can help you create amazing offers and ads for your business with high conversion rate. Who is the target audience/customer for your business/campaign? Do you have a landing page or website, where people get to know about your product, service or courses? Do you have a budget in mind for this project? Lets walk you through this path to more sales and prospects

What I do

Am a Direct response copywritter landing page builder. You are one click away from tripling your sales with a creative copy. Copywriting, Inforgraphics and Graphic Design.

My experience

A copywritter, over the past 2 years, I have helped several organization write amazing copies and content with high conversion rate.h I have also done a lot of personal projects that have given me so much experience in this field. Kindly send me a message now

Why you should work with me

Nothing beats a coherent and cohesive copy, working with me gives you a cutting edge in your business campaign, ads or anything you'll be needing my services for. I bring out the best in your work and am always up for more challenging project.

My Latest Thoughts

A business is as good as it's copy, be it a sales copy, ads copy or any type of copywriting.

There is always room for improvement

cannot take up that job, N150,000 monthly salary is too small! A fresh graduate rejected the job I got him in January, 2022 He called me yesterday to find out if the job offer is still available. He is still at home trusting God I have had to advise a lot of graduates and professionals regarding whether to take up a role where the salary is small. Some think the salary is belittling and not up to their worth. I have also seen a lot of people on social media advising graduates not to settle for less which I disagree. Your decision depends on whether you have a job at hand or not. I believe it's better to accept a job with low salary than sitting at home to do nothing. Once the salary can cater for your feeding and transport, you are fine. No experience is a waste and no matter how bad a job is, you will learn something even if it is tolerance and perseverance. You have an experience to point to. In my previous job, I was living in Mowe -Ibafo axis, Arepo to be precise, working at Yaba and the salary was small, I do wake up as early as 4:30am to enjoy cheap transport to Ojota And BRT to Yaba were cheaper compared to 14 seater Bus. I will get to the office 6am and wait till 8am when other staff will resume. The pay was small, I worked as late as 8pm but the experience was BIG and worth it. Later, I joined another company with double salary. If you are in doubt of taking a job because of the pay, accept the offer, Give your best, learn as much as you can, don't get carried away and keep your eye on your goal. Remember, if you are too big to do small things, you will be too small to do big things.

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